Empowering Women for Gender Equity

Agenda aims to question and challenge current understandings and practices of gender relations. We contribute to the development of new knowledge about how gender relations can be transformed. In particular we contribute to the development of women and their capacity to organise themselves, reflect on their experiences and to write about this.

Who We Are

Agenda Feminist Media is committed to giving women a forum, a voice and skills to articulate their needs and interests towards transforming unequal gender relations. We aim to question and challenge current understandings and practices of gender relations.

What We Do

Agenda has been at the forefront of feminist publishing in South Africa for the past 28 years. Through our flagship project, the Agenda journal, we raise debate around women’s rights and gender issues. Visit publisher  Taylor & Francis Online to buy copies.

Get Involved!

Agenda values participatory and transparent processes and provides opportunities for individual growth and development. We host quarterly feminist dialogues in Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria. Visit  this page to see upcoming events near you.


Celebrating 30 Years of Feminist Publishing

Agenda Feminist Media (AFM) proudly celebrates its thirtieth year and three decades of consistent feminist publishing since 1987, through this Virtual Special Issue (VSI). The VSI features a selection of thirty republished pieces written originally for AFM's flagship product - its quarterly journal. These reflect the feminist preoccupations, issues and influences, both local and global, that shaped the journal and found voice in each of the three decades since its inception.
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The Agenda journal is IBSS/SAPSE accredited and peer reviewed

It is published on a quarterly basis and is designed to promote critical thinking and debate. It aims to strengthen the capacity of both men and women to challenge gender discrimination and injustice.

Latest Journal

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Twenty years of the Constitution: Reflecting on citizenship and gender justice

This issue of Agenda brings to the fore gender advocacy around the possibility of a transformative constitutionalism in the long-term struggle to achieve gender justice. The Constitution as the peremptory legal authority which governs all the laws on the statute book has enshrined equality, dignity and freedom as among its core values. The transition to the post-apartheid state is a long-term process, and this issue asks how far we have come. While the need for racism’s erasure from the statute book through the legislature and the courts has received most attention, gender equality, disability and the many other intersecting listed grounds of discrimination have often required legal rights activism and advocacy to be taken up. Despite the prevalence of sex and gender discrimination, they have often been afforded less weight by the courts because they are less visible than racism and because they often take place in the private sphere. This issue seeks to address how responsive the Constitution has been through its rulings in extending and expanding not only women’s formal rights to equality but substantive meanings of gender equality for women and further whether this has contributed to a citizenship that reflects the Constitution’s values of equality for all. It calls for critical reflection on the salutary aspects of the Constitution, for example, how the Equality Clause in the Bill of Rights has been translated into substantive equality in the recognition of gender difference and sexual orientation. At the same time, the progressive realisation limitation that it places on rights, especially socio-economic rights such as housing and health, has been a concern for social activists. Furthermore, the slow transformation of courts as patriarchal institutions has also acted as a restraint on the delivery of gender justice.

We have an exciting parnership with Durban University of Technology's Journalism Department

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Launch of Gender & Disability journal

Agenda Feminist Media and Women's & Gender Studies Department, Faculty of Arts, University of the Western Cape invite you to the launch of journal: Gender & Disability  Date: Tuesday - 20th October 2015 Time: 12h00 – 14h00 Venue: HIVE, Arts Faculty, B Block Address:...

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