Agenda, the feminist journal based in Durban, will be holding its second Feminist Dialogue on 30th March 2012 at Sica Guest House in Durban. In its 25th year, Agenda aims to bring women’s organisation together to dialogue, learn, listen and share information and build solidarity around common areas of concern relating to gender inequality experienced by women and the work of women’s organisation.

Several organisations from different sectors have been invited to give presentations at the Feminist Dialogue including the KZN Rural Women’s Movement, Progressive Women’s Movement, the Social Movements Indaba, the Cape Town-based Women’s Legal Centre and the KZN Provincial Legislature Women’s Multi-Party Caucus.

As the publisher of a feminist journal, Agenda, since its formation in 1987, has held the concern that women’s activism should inform research and visa versa to build women’s solidarity and understanding of gender politics and women’s struggles against inequality. Knowledge production by women as writers, researchers and contributors to Agenda is premised on women’s empowerment to overcome gender inequality.    The first Agenda Feminist Dialogue, held on 25th November 2011, focussed on creating safer cities for women, particularly for the urban poor who live and work in the city. Speakers from organisations working with informal traders Asiye Tafeleni briefed the Dialogue about the problems experienced by women who earn a living as informal traders in the public space and their attempt to create and negotiate a safer and healthier workplace with the city. A presentation was also made by the Commission on Gender Equality (CGE) on the functions of the Ministry for Women, Children and the Physically Disabled and the CGE as a Chapter 9 institution and watchdog of women’s rights.

The media are welcome to attend the Feminist Dialogue.

For more information please contact:  Lou Haysom – Managing editor of Agenda.  telephone 031-3047001/2

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