Agenda the Durban-based feminist journal will be holding its 4th Feminist Dialogue on Friday 12th April at the Diakonia Centre from 9am-2pm. The 4th Feminist Dialogue’s objectives are to raise debate and public awareness of feminist concerns on new laws and policy that affect women as 50% of the population and to build awareness of the need to create safe city and community spaces for women and men in the context of unacceptably high levels of gender violence.

The Feminist Dialogue programme includes a presentation by Amanda Gouws (CGE Commissioner)  on why there is a need for a gendered National Development Plan (NDP). Devina Perumal and Willene Holness (Faculty of Law, University of Kwazulu-Natal), will offer a feminist critique of the recently drafted Gender Equality Bill. In addition speakers from two Durban communities, Vanessa Burger (Umbilo Action Group) and Shirley Petersen (South Durban Community Environmental Alliance) have been invited to speak about the efforts to mobilise around gender violence in their communities and the demand for more gender responsive policing to ensure the safety of communities, and treatment of survivors and victims of sexual offences by SAPS.


Agenda brings feminists together with the aim of breaking down the walls of ignorance, to learn from each other as women and to exchange information of mutual interest and concern in the context of advancing gender equality. A women’s project that seeks to empower women through the publication of a journal on gender equality, Agenda is now in its 26th year of existence. Agenda strives to ensure that research is informed by women’s organisation on the ground and equally that women’s organisation is informed by research on gender equality.


For more information:

Lou Haysom – Managing Editor of Agenda

Telephone – 031 3047001

Cell – 073 20593502

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