This podcast focusing on gender, ageing and intergenerationality, addresses a gap that has existed in social policy and research. Its intention is to investigate and reveal the human and gendered dimensions of ageing and not see age solely as a research cohort. The neglect of the conditions of material existence, the social invisibility and marginalisation of ageing groups of women and men further contribute to the necessity of the social investigation of this subject.

Age is a complex social construction, mediated by culture and power relations in intersection with race, class and gender. The guest editors, Vasu Reddy and Nadia Sanger, draw attention to how ageing and intergenerationality can be seen not as static, but as relational, across life times and even eras. They also indicate that ageing does not, nor should imply a terminal point in matters of the life course, but rather a facet of life that has much potential for change and positive development.
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