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Taking up the critical role of culture and imagination at work in gender theorisation, activism and consciousness addressed in the recent issue ‘Gender and popular imaginaries in Africa’ (2018) and the situatedness of Southern women’s postcolonial struggles in ‘Southern feminisms’ (2019), this issue of Agenda boldly situates Southern cultural, artistic and creative production centre stage.

Its interest is in how the local geographies and distinctive spatialities of the postcolonial South produce creative explorations that demonstrate in different ways, mediums and genres the intersection of feminine identities. Writers draw attention to multiple axes that shape lives, and the tensions that produce oppressions and desires.

The guest editors, Lliane Loots and Ongezwa Mbele, have brought an inspired and enthusiastic vision in their curation of the issue. Writing in the introduction to the issue, they emphasise the value of creative dialogues among feminists: “In titling this issue ‘Cultural dialogues’ we have been mindful that we curate a journal of writings and reflections from women that indeed set up dialogue; between academia and artist and cultural production, between praxis and theory, and between the gendered being and doing of the cultural domain in the geographical South.”

Empowering Women for Gender Equity

Agenda aims to question and challenge current understandings and practices of gender relations. We contribute to the development of new knowledge about how gender relations can be transformed. In particular we contribute to the development of women and their capacity to organise themselves, reflect on their experiences and to write about this.

Who We Are

Agenda Feminist Media is committed to giving women a forum, a voice and skills to articulate their needs and interests towards transforming unequal gender relations. We aim to question and challenge current understandings and practices of gender relations.

What We Do

Agenda has been at the forefront of feminist publishing in South Africa for the past 31 years. Through our flagship project, the Agenda journal, we raise debate around women’s rights and gender issues. Visit publisher  Taylor & Francis Online to buy copies.

Get Involved!

Agenda values participatory and transparent processes and provides opportunities for individual growth and development. We host quarterly feminist dialogues in Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria. Visit  this page to see upcoming events near you.


The Agenda journal is IBSS/SAPSE accredited and peer reviewed

It is published on a quarterly basis and is designed to promote critical thinking and debate. It aims to strengthen the capacity of both men and women to challenge gender discrimination and injustice.

Gender Justice & Tax

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: GENDER JUSTICE & TAX   Contributors are invited to submit manuscripts on the above topic from the point of view of either researchers or activists. Abstracts and contributions must be written in English, in style accessible to a wide audience....

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Climate and Gender Justice for the South?

While science (itself not a gender-neutral terrain) is important for understanding climate change, and technology may be crucial for solving some of the problems, climate activists worry that overemphasis on science may not fully offer effective climate solutions -...

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