The Movement Show with Luyanda Khumalo: Slindokuhle Cele and Nonhlanhla Mbonambi

The Gender Feminist Speak Out
Topic: Why is gender important to the feminist movement?

Time: 14:00-15:00
Date: 12 September 2020
Radio Presenter Introduces us


Slindokuhle: Greetings, Sanibonani my name is Slindokuhle Cele and I am not riding solo but with my colleague, Nonhlanhla Mbonambi we are from Agenda Feminist Media and welcome to the Gender Feminist Speak Out.

Nonhlanhla: Yes, Slindo you are right, and our topic for today is Why is Gender Equality important to the Feminist Movement. We will first look at what gender equality and feminism, and the roles it plays in society.


Nonhlanhla: Gender equality is when society recognizes that all people, that is all people of all genders have equal rights. I would like to quote an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Uzor Ike who said, “Feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” I totally agree with him, we live in a society which through gender prejudice and discrimination harms both men and women alike. While we believe that feminism is a powerful movement that continues to bring change in society, by organizing, advocating, and speaking out against gender injustices in South Africa, some people are still not convinced

Slindokuhle: Besides gender equality being a fundamental human right because of the struggles of the feminist movement and the liberation movement in South Africa who fought for non-sexist as well as non-racist South Africa. It is also important that we achieve societies with full human potential are recognized for sustainable development (The United Nations). However, we are far from that, that is why we have political campaigns by Feminist Movements that exist to fight Gender-Based Violence, Sexual Violence, for Equal Pay in the workplace and to stop child marriage among many others.

Nonhlanhla: Ngyavumelana nawe Slindo, as more women take up space in the male dominated work environment, men begin to bring up old fashioned tendencies claiming that a women’s place is only in the kitchen, nanokuthi imsebenzi efena nobunjiniyela ayibafanele abantu besfazane. That mentality is one of the patriarchal prejudices that stops the progressive fight for equality, as feminism attempts to put everyone on a completely equal playing field.
Patriarchy is basically a social system to which men believe they have power over women socially, politically, and economically. Ie .Asenze isbonelo, ukuthi uma abantu beshada umuntu wesifazane athathe sibongo salona ashade naye ashiye esakubo, lokho kuyiPatriarchy kodwa ngoba sazi ukuthi kuyisiko siyakwamukela. Nanokuthi futhi uma umuntu wesifazane enomuzi wakhe mase kuthiwa uphi ubaba wekhaya. okusho ukuthi abanye bantu besakholelwa ekuthenini umunru wesfazane akawazi ukuwumisa umuzi eyedwa.

Slindokuhle: Tsoaledi Thobejane who is a senior lecture at University of Venda once said, “Patriarchy plays a role in the spread of domestic violence in any country. Violence against women is rooted in women’s lack of power and relative to men in society.” It is something that women experience throughout their daily, they cannot express themselves by walking around freely wearing a short skirt without being harassed by a group of men.

Radio Presenter shares a few comments, and opinions

Slindokuhle: The Feminism Movement does not only exist to fight for heterosexual “straight” women but for everyone including Transgender men and women and all members of the LGBTQ+ community. It fights for everyone to feel represented and seen as there are many genders and feminism gave everyone oppressed a voice to always stand up and fight. American Feminist and Womanist, Audre Lorde once said, “All forms of oppression are interrelated and one cannot talk about feminism without acknowledging race, class, gender expression, sexuality and any other makers of one’s identity.” Meaning that feminism questions racism, sexuality, and class without always shifting the focus away from gender and social equality.

Nonhlanhla: I would also like to elaborate that, the importance of feminism for men relies on a simple fact, and that is the concept of equality is not endangering and will never get to that point. But if men want to strive for equality, they must first accept the reality that surrounds them first. Society has put men on a pedestal that they are the ones who deserve positions in power. It would be incredible to see change and have more female presidents in most countries.


Nonhlanhla: Before the ad break, we have touched on feminism for men. This is not to downplay how men feel, whether all of them are inconsiderate people. It is to state that the entire point of feminism is to lift women up to the same level as men, which is currently a higher social and economic tier.

Slindokuhle: Men are given more career opportunities more than women and that men have an advantage in social structure due to gender. The privilege men have can be impactful in the feminism movement because that would mean, they recognize that they are the problem and must be held accountable for their injustices (patriarchy, misogyny) that long led to inequality. “It starts with understanding your privilege and making a meaningful step towards achieving equality.” Journalist Roshni Ravi said that in one of her recent articles on gender equality.

Nonhlanhla: That was it for today, you can catch us next week for another interesting conservation, same time same place on the Gender Feminist Speak Out. Share your thoughts and let us know what you think about today’s topic.

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