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Agenda was founded in 1987 by a group of women activists, students and academics from the then University of Natal, Durban. The organization decided to establish a journal, through which it aimed to achieve its objectives of showcasing contributions of feminist, women authors, on gender equality and issues from a feminist perspective, following stringent academic criteria.  While retaining the core component of the production of the journal, over the years Agenda expanded its focus to include providing a platform beyond the world of academia for dialogue among men and women on gender relations and issues related to gender equity. The journal is produced every quarter, and to date, Agenda Feminist Media has produced 88 editions of its journal. Its supplementary community-based radio and new media interventions are reaching an ever-growing audience.

The journal is recognized as part of African women’s long-term struggle against unequal power relations and is accredited by both the International Bibliography for the Social Sciences (IBSS) and South African Post Secondary Education (SAPSE). Agenda produces approximately 1,000 copies per publication. The journal is distributed to subscribers, libraries, academic institutions, civil society organizations, the general public across the country, the South African Development Community (SADC) region and abroad. Our journal is also accessible online.

Agenda’s contributors and target audience include mainly policymakers, academics, professionals, educators, activists, community workers, students, members of women’s organizations, donor agencies, and those concerned with gender issues. Our media programme targets the general public and a broader array of stakeholders, such as young women and communities where access to information is poorly developed.

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