Injustice against women is probably no more clearly demonstrated than in the laws of a country and in their interpretation and implementation by the justice system. We do not have to think back very far to recall how we fought a long struggle to replace the sexist and racist laws of apartheid with a new Constitution which has at its heart a Bill of Rights in which the Equality Clause upholds gender equality as a promise of equity for South Africa’s women and men of all races and classes.

This issue of Agenda sought to elicit research and writings from those who work at the interface between the law itself, and its impact and consequences upon women, to contribute to the critical work of ensuring gender justice in the day to day lives of South African women.

In the following podcast, we hear the views of Johannesburg based gender activist Lisa Vetten and Cape Town based Jayne Arnott. Vetten is the executive director of Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre (TLAC) and Arnott, the director of Triangle Project.

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